PA Sangma knocking at the portals of the judiciary against the nomination of his presidential poll rival Pranab Mukherjee highlights that the former is unnecessarily giving hype to a minute issue. Perhaps he is doing so because the electoral officer found his complaint baseless in which he had alleged that Mukherjee had not resigned as the head of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). However, ISI has made it clear that Mukherjee had resigned from the post of its head on June 20, but it seems hard to decipher why Sangma and his team are not ready to accept the claim. Now they are finding the decision of the electoral officer wrong. It is so when they are well aware of the fact that the post of the head of ISI does not come under the ambit of office of profit. If the ISI website was showing Pranab Mukherjee as its head even after his nominate as presidential poll candidate even then it cannot be concluded that he filed his nomination papers without relinquishing the office of the head of ISI. There are numerous government-non-government websites which keep carrying the old information for months. If for a while we accept the claim that Mukherjee’s resignation didn’t reach to ISI by the time of filing of his nomination even then making outcry over such a small technical mistake is inordinate. It is unfortunate that Mukherjee’s resignation is being termed fraudulent. By such allegations, one is trying to demean the dignity of the office of the President. It is unfortunate that even BJP has become a part of such moves. BJP is silent on Mukherjee’s argument that has he himself allowed a fraudulent signature on the papers? But it would be better if the presidential poll is contested in a democratic manner.

If even after approaching the court Sangma fails to get desired verdict, it will invite embarrassment for him as well as for BJP too. On one hand, BJP is justifying its opposition to Mukherjee by saying that being an opposition party it is its duty to oppose the ruling party’s candidate but on the other hand it is targeting Mukherjee personally. It is strange that similar attacks were launched by Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik recently. If his arguments are to be believed, Pranab Mukherjee had given special waivers to the states like UP, Bihar and West Bengal as Union Finance Minister to win the presidential election. But such waivers are nowhere to be seen. One cannot deny the fact that Sangma is to some extent in a position to challenge Mukherjee in the poll, but if he continues to make baseless allegations against Mukherjee, he would lose the sympathy of common folk. No doubt, common people are not directly involved in presidential poll but it is the people of the country that build the image of a politician.