New Delhi: After its unipolar reign on the Indian automobile market since years, Maruti Suzuki would be facing its biggest challenge from soon to be launched Hyundai’s Eon expected to be the next big thing in the hatchback segment of Indian car market.

Observing the tough competition ahead, Maruti is involved in chalking out a strategy to deepen its roots in the small car market in India. Besides launching its Alto model in a new version, the company is also planning to field a new small car in the market.

Though the companies are keeping their strategies under covers, but the experts are of the view that the automobile market of 800cc cars would soon witness a prominent makeover. Like Alto, Hyundai Eon anticipated to roll-out next week would also boast of 800 cc engine in price range of Rs 2.5 lakhs to Rs 3.50 lakhs. India's second largest passenger car manufacturer Hyundai would field its new car by next week in order to progress towards its dream of claiming the Number 1 slot in India within 3 to 5 years.

According to the Maruti Suzuki sources, the company is planning to rejuvenate its market strategy, under which the company is planning to give a new face to its hit model Alto along with launching new player in the small car market. The company management is aware of the fact that it would not be possible to compete with Eon on the basis of its decade old Alto and hence, it has decided to launch its new avatar. It would not just focus on its competitor Eon but will also keep in mind the upcoming projects of General Motors which plans to launch small cars in the Indian market.

It is to be noted, Maruti manufactures about 30,000 Alto cars per month. While the company rules over 50 percent of the small car market in India courtesy Alto; Hyundai has a share of 20 percent in Indian automobile market. According to the experts, if Hyundai is able to conquer even half of the Alto market, the small car market will have complete change of face. With production hassles and labour issues bothering Maruti, the fate of the Indian car ruler is already in rough waters.