Mid-Day caught up with the youngest daughter of Bollywood’s Bhatt clan at a recent event to know more about her love for jewellery, fashion, fitness and mentor, Karan Johar.

Excerpts from the interview.

Bling it on

As it is said, diamonds are a woman’s best friend. I think it is true as they highlight a woman’s inner and outer beauty. I like jewellery because it does a lot more for a woman than just sparkle her up. The piece of jewellery I wear on most occasions is a pair of earrings in a floral design. It is very pretty yet contemporary.

Not so fashion conscious

In real life, I am not like Shanaya, my character in Student Of The Year. I am a pretty normal girl who doesn’t dress to the hilt every day. I believe in the mantra, less is more. When it comes to fashion, Sonam Kapoor has a superb sense of fashion, I just love her. The way she carries herself is truly amazing.

Fitness first

Fitness is very important. I workout twice a day. I do cardio in the morning for flat 60 minutes and weight training in the evening. As of now, I am on a particular regime as I am trying to get into a particular shape. Hence, my workouts are quite frequent.  I eat in moderation but I do not deprive my body from nutrition. I consume everything in controlled portions. It’s all about having a combination of healthy mind in a healthy body.

Mentor magic

I am blessed to have Karan Johar as my mentor. I fall back on him for almost everything. I feel lucky to have a great guide like him in the industry so early in my career. He’s someone I have complete faith in. I am eagerly looking forward to working with him once again in my upcoming film. It will be fun.

Family support

I am just 20 and enjoying my work to the hilt. My family is my pillar of support. They keep me grounded and focussed in life. I do take advice from my parents about my career whenever I need it. At the same time, I would like to learn from my own mistakes. There’s no bigger high than making it big on your own.


Life has been quite hectic off late, so free time is rare and precious. My priority is to sleep on my day off. In fact, getting a good sleep is one of my mottos in life. Otherwise, I just sit in front of the television and watch my favourite programs. Or else, I hang around with my friends and family.

Courtesy: Mid-Day