New Delhi: On his final day in office, Supreme Court Judge Justice Asok Kumar Ganguly, who along with Justice G S Singvi, delivered a major blow to the government by quashing the 122 2G telecom licenses, said he "always tried to play with a straight bat."

Replying to his farewell function organised by the Supreme Court Bar Association, an emotional Justice Ganguly, also demonstrated his keen interest in cricket by stating that senior players should make room for younger players to enable the Indian team to recover from its recent disastrous performance in Australia.

Pointing to the book written by former English captain David Crompton 'End of an innings', Justice Ganguly said "similarly, it is an end of my innings as a judge. I don't know how I played my innings but I always tried to play with a straight bat. It is for you to judge how I have played it."

Chief Justice S H Kapadia, several judges of the Supreme Court,  Attorney General G E Vahanvathi and president of the SCBA P H Parekh, were present at the ceremony.

"Today, I had mixed feelings in the afternoon when I handed over robes to my orderly Ashok. I was happy thinking that I don't need to read SLPs this evening. Looking into his eyes, I found that they were a little moist and I was immediately touched by his feelings," he said recalling his 18 years stint as a judge.

Quoting a saying of Rabindranath Tagore, Justice Ganguly said "bondage is wrapping me around. They are about to leave me. But when they leave me, there is a wrench in my heart."

Later speaking to a TV channel, Justice Ganguly said if older cricketers are pitted against the younger ones they are bound to lose as every player has a shell life "If you have old players, who are past their prime, against players who are just in their prime, those who are younger athletically, you are bound to lose.

"You must understand that every player has a shell life."

He pointed out that Vivian Richards, Brian Lara, Gary Sobers, Sunil Gavaskar and Sourav Ganguly retired when their shell life came to an end.

"The youngsters must be brought in. Otherwise, we will have the same future," the judge cautioned.
Chief Justice Kapadia complimented Justice Ganguly for his deep knowledge of law, sports and philosophy, besides his vast public service through the Ramakrishna Mission.