Q: You was an officer, social worker and now a politician. How would you like to be recognised as?
A: My identity is not important. My fight is against corruption and I am still a common man fighting against it. My experience of the past year reflects the same. The government first makes an excuse of scarcity of money, but the main problem is the lack of dedication and not money. The cost of any government project witnesses two to three folds increase and so does the time taken to complete it. But we have completed the work of three flyovers before time and saved up to Rs 350 crore.

Q: The promises that you've made before elections …
A: I still remember those 70 promises. Our promise of reducing the electricity tariff to half and providing water free of cost was ridiculed, asking about the funding. We fulfilled those promises within one month of coming into power. We gave subsidy from the money that we saved by checking corruption.

Q: But economists are terming providing free resources as unfair.  
A: When we did it, everybody termed it as a publicity stunt and that we are unaware of the economic policies and will push Delhi Jal Board into loss. But DJB's revenue increased by Rs 176 crore in comparison to the last year.

Q: What about free Wi-Fi?
A: We still haven't been able to implement providing free Wi-Fi because as we are progressing, new models like optical fibres and hotspots are coming every now and then for its development. While some require zero input, some will even give revenue to us. It will be decided in another two-three months, what model we will adopt.

Q: You also promised to reduce corruption...
A: Everybody knows that corruption was eliminated during our previous tenure of 49 days. This time too, nobody dared to take bribe for four months. Strict action was taken even on receiving an SMS. But I was quite saddened when the Central government sent para-military forces and took control of our Anti-Corruption Branch on June 8, 2015. I am already a ruined and shattered Chief Minister, what is the need to send paramilitary forces for me? The corruption in Delhi has risen only after that. If the court allows ACB to act against Central government employees, the corruption will be fully checked within one month.

Q: Don't you feel the need to make surprise visit to the ration shops or hospitals like before?
A: I don't leave these things to officers alone. I send my volunteers to know the truth behind all the proposed schemes. If necessary, I would personally visit there. Deputy CM Manish Sisodia often takes a surprise visit to such places.

Q: You say that the responsibility of running the government has been endowed upon the ministers and you yourself...
A: I stand as a wall between the obstacles created in government functioning. I thrash all the arrows shot towards our government. I work as a shock absorber for our government. I have said that the decisions related to Centre will be taken by me.

Q: But you are succeeding in the job of shock absorber. You yourself say that the Delhi government is not able to function properly?
A. All the tasks that I have mentioned till now, tell me one government which has completed all these jobs within one year of coming into power? The farmers' land worth crores of rupees is being acquired in Delhi at the rate of  Rs 54 lakh per acre. We revised the circle rates but as soon as we take any such decision, Lieutenant Governor rejects it. We have to fight against it all.

We are not fighting any case for our personal land. If something wrong will be done against our people, we will have to fight for it. If any officer is transferred, the orders are scrapped. Two officers who were found creating anarchy were suspended, but the decision was slammed saying that we do not have the powers to suspend anyone. I have heard it for the first time in the history of Indian politics that a Chief Minister holds no powers to suspend anyone. If such is the case, why were the elections even held in Delhi? They should have imposed President's Rule.

Q: But this is a legal fight?
A: Nobody is taking the help of law. Tell me one thing, am I the most corrupt person of this nation that I had to face the CBI raid? There are so many corrupt politicians, but only Kejriwal's office was raided... there is surely something wrong in it.

Q: How will you score the functioning of AAP government during the one year?
A: Ten out of ten.

Q: You say that Modi government does not let you work. Had Modi government allowed you to work freely, how many marks would you have given to yourself then?
A: I am speaking in context of the given circumstances only. Rest everything will be sorted out, but corruption makes me furious. Once my minister was recorded taking bribe. I sacked him without letting anybody know about it. Did any other government show such passion against corruption?

Q: Are you ready to become Chief Minister in Punjab in case the AAP gets majority in the next assembly polls?

A: Punjab Congress chief Captain Amrinder Singh sees my ghost in his dream. He says that a man from Haryana is coming to Punjab now to which I say that I am not from Pakistan. I am from India only and there are no such restriction on a man from a particular state going to another one.

Q: That means you are ready...
A: I am happy being the Delhi CM only. But we are going to win 90-100 seats in Punjab. Delhi-like results would be seen there too. The youths of Punjab, who was famous for its chivalry and energy have been duped into drug addiction. BJP and Akali Dal are promoting it and even Congress is involved into it. When the Congress was in the power at the Centre, Majethia had to face the CBI inquiry but Amrinder Singh got the orders cancelled. Both are involved in it. When Amarinder Singh was the Chief Minister, he ordered to register case against Akalis but no arrest was made.

Q: You also said that you have many proofs against Sheila Dikshit, but she wasn't arrested...
A: Centre snatched our Anti-Corruption Branch. First give it back to us.

Q: Will you arrest her if you get ACB back?
A: Indeed! As soon as we formed government again, investigations into cases against Mukesh Ambani and Sheila Dikshit were started again. But the Central government did nothing during one year? It did not send summons. When we had ACB for three months, we summoned even the Reliance CEO. But they snatched away our ACB.

Q: Apart from Delhi and Punjab, in what other states do you see the bright chances for your party?
A: I am not Napolean who is set to win the world on his horse. Whatever work we are endowed with, we should be able to do it with full sincerity, only that is enough for us.

Q: If not political motives, then why is the person who was once protesting in a team with Anna now friendly enough with Lalu?
A: There are nice friendly terms with Nitish as well as Mamata Bannerjee. Now if you go to their oath-taking ceremony and meet someone over there, then what can be done? Nitish ji have changed Bihar completely. He has done good work over there.

Q: What are your plans for 14th February when you will complete one year tenure in  office?
A: We will provide reports to the people. I along with all the ministers will sit for two hours and directly answer the questions of people on telephone.

Q: Such dry preparations for Valentines Day?
A: (chuckles) Last year on February 14, Delhi people fell in love with a new kind of politics. Now, their love is increasing.

Q: Your associates say that attacks on you are being planned. Do you feel any danger for yourself or your family?
I have never thought upon any danger for myself. Even my family's life is written in their fortune. They will receive whatever is written on their hands. But I get ample of support from my family.

Q: You took a lot of time over MCD strike?
A: We have shown a lot of hyperactivity since the beginning. The root of all problems is corruption. According to the estimates, the revenue of East MCD's advertisement alone is  worth Rs 12 crore. The big hoardings cost approximately Rs one lakh for a month. There are approximately three-four thousand hoardings in the entire Eastern Delhi, whose record is not there. They are all illegal.

The revenue should be Rs 500 crore instead of Rs 12 crore. Advertisement, house tax, parking and many other resources are there. All are plundering. All these things should be governed by a single authority.

Q: But you always talked about decentralisation...?
A: But some chain of command must be there. Such plundering cannot be allowed.

Q: You stirred Lokpal movement, but couldn't get it for Delhi. Where should one file a complaint against ministers or Chief Minister?
A: We approved it. Now it is up to Centre to decide what needs to be done. We ourselves are asking to formulate law for setting up inquiry against us.

Q: You launched a campaign for RTI. Today, Central Information Commission expresses sulkiness over your party's behaviour.
A: If something wrong is happening, we will set it right. If there is any problem, please let us know. We will provide all the information.

Q: Earlier you was pro-active regarding RTI, but now you don't seem to be?
A: You tell us what needs to be done, and it shall be definitely done.

Q: Before joining politics, you had set up a facility with the help of Bihar government to provide RTI on telephone. Why not in Delhi?
A: We are publishing all the information on our website. The condition of Central government is such that when information regarding Prime Minister's basic education was sought, even that information wasn't provided. You can have all our details without even asking for. I have given the orders that no information will be held back. Providing RTI on telephone will also be provided in another one or two years.

Q: Will Odd-Even be implemented again?
A: Odd-even was a success because the people cooperated with us. We are talking to them again and will implement it with their suggestions only. Earlier, we had to shut down the schools for three days, this time it won't be required.

Q: Two-wheelers accounts for 33 percent of pollution, why were they exempted from it?
A: We cannot imply the scheme upon the two-wheelers in recent times. During the Odd-Even days, we found that since many cars were taken off the roads, the car owners opted for car-pooling. But the bike riders can only depend upon buses and metros. But we do not have the resources to accommodate so many commuters in a go. We are also buying 3000 new buses.

Q: People mock you over channels and social media platforms, what are your reactions to it?
A: I don't feel bad (laughs), but the engineer who sent me money to buy shoes, I would like to tell him that no pair of shoes can be bought in Rs 364. Though, I haven't worn shoes after the year 2000.

Q: What do you have to say about bureaucrats?
We want to give the responsibility to responsible people. Just like we have handed over the responsibility to the Chief Engineer of PWD or the health responsibility to a doctor, the same will be carried ahead in the future.


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