"Yes, I am a greedy actress...So, I just jumped into these great opportunities and those films ('Dirty Picture' and 'Kahaani') did in a way paved the way for the success of those films (heroine-led movies that followed)," she said.
Vidya was addressing reporters on the sidelines of an event, organised by FICCI Ladies Organisation on revival of handlooms.
"I love to take credit for it (that women-centric movies are also making money now)...I am extremely humbled when anyone says that. But the truth is that I think cinema reflects reality and the reality around us is that more and more women are leading lives on their own terms," she said.
Vidya made no secret of her love for saris, particularly handloom. "I just love hand-woven fabrics whether it is saris or garments in every other form. I have grown up in handlooms and watching my mom, my aunts, my neighbours wear cotton saris, I think that's where my love for both saris and handloom comes from," she said.
Vidya said she loved wearing handloom. "I have seen my mom wearing cotton saris all her life. That's how I grew up and which is where my love for saris comes from and which is where my love for handloom comes from. I love wearing them (handloom) and I think everyone in the country should only be wearing them. It's not just heritage...it's very cool...you can do a lot with it," she said.



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