He was present at the iconic Prithvi Theatre here for the popular Prithvi festival that begins on the occasion of his grandfather Prithviraj Kapoor's birth anniversary - November 3. He had also shared pictures of his grandfather on Twitter terming him, 'Good looking,Greek God Grandfather!'.

Asked about the changes in the festival over the years, he replied, "It's been happening every year and it's actually on auto-pilot - as such there haven't been any changes in it. There is no profit-making in this, it's a trust. It's (admission price) is barely minimum just to keep it going on. You can't do anything for free as nothing is free in today's time”.

He also feels that there hasn't been a decline in theatre. "It's not got less, I believe theatre is progressing. On one side, MAMI is going on and on the other side, theatre is also going on.. People present a play so well, it is very encouraging and I'm hopeful that lot of people will come and be part of Prithvi festival.  If you give the platform, people are going to increase," he said.

The Prithvi theatre, set up by legendary Prithviraj Kapoor, is one of the iconic venues for the medium of theatre in the country having completed almost 70 years since its inception. Rishi feels that the there is a need for more platforms like Prithvi theatre, which conducts more than 500 shows every year, to promote the medium.

His uncle and actor Shashi Kapoor is the managing trustee of the theatre while Rishi's cousins Kunal and Sanjana handle the day-to-day affairs.

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