New York: Brad Pitt has been turning heads recently with the walking cane he uses after injuring himself in a small accident, which he has described as "an old man tripping".
The 48-year-old actor injured a ligament in the knee after he slipped while carrying his 3-year-old daughter Vivienne.
The 'Moneyball' star, who had the black cane as his accessory at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards on Monday, said that he is doing just fine, reported a magazine.
"It wasn't life or death. It was just an old man tripping," Pitt said of the accident.
He said he doesn't expect a prolonged recovery, and he was able to walk the red carpet and use the stairs with minor use of his cane.
It's "not too bad," said Pitt, who took home the best-actor award for his work in 'Moneyball' and 'Tree of Life'.