She tried acting as a full-fledged actress with 'Dhobi Ghat', which came out in 2010.

Since then she has had only one release 'David'. "I don't really consider me not doing films as something bad," she said when asked why she is not seen frequently on the big screen.

"I am choosy about the projects that I do because I can afford to be choosy, because I am an artist. I create work. I don't really rely on someone else to give me the opportunity to be an artist," Monica, who is also into writing, said.

The 31-year-old, who had shared screen space with a star like Aamir Khan in 'Dhobi Ghat', is not so concerned about acting in big films or being in the limelight.

"I'm not really concerned about working in commercial films and being a mainstream actor," she said and added that her name is 'quite known' for what she is and what she does.

"I prefer to be an individual than something sell-able. That's kind of my ethos," she said.

In Sabal Singh Shekhawat's directorial debut film 'Fireflies', she plays a writer.

Set for an October 31 release, the film's story revolves around two estranged brothers portrayed by Rahul Khanna and Arjun Mathur, and how fate brings them together after 15 years.

She is not only acting in 'Fireflies', she has also penned two songs for the film and would be seen in a bolder avatar in it.

"My character in 'Fireflies' is named Michelle. She is a writer and she experienced success with her first book but is experiencing what all creative people experience after one thing is successful, which is writer's bloc and finds it difficult to turn out work. She goes on a journey to find inspiration and that's how she finds Raunaq (Arjun Mathur)," she said.

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