Bharti Singh

To be a comedian: An actor needs to look natural, not fake, forced or over the top. He also needs to find funny situations everywhere--at home, while buying vegetables or even eating his meals.

Toughest part of comedy: Once famous, people expect you to be funny at all times. Even if I am sick or not in the mood for it, they want me to crack a joke and make them laugh.

My favourite joke: I like to make jokes at my own expense. Like the time when a crew member at the airport asked me ‘Maam, where would you like to keep your tummy--as a cabin luggage or in the cargo’ (laughs).

Favourite film: Hera Pheri

Funniest person: My mom. I enjoy the simple thrills that she gets out of things like tomatoes becoming cheap or the freebie offers.
Laughter is: Bharti Singh. I am equivalent to laughter.

Krushna Abhishek

To be a comedian: It is an inborn quality. During my school days, I was sent to different classes in the free periods to entertain other kids by mimicking our teachers.

Toughest part of comedy: Instant response is most essential. If we go on stage and the first joke falls flat, our confidence falls too.

My best joke: It’s a punchline between my show’s partner Sudesh and me. When he tells me ‘Today is my bad day because my mom and sister fought and separated’, I reply ‘Don’t worry, mein aapki maa-behen ek kar doonga’ (laughs). It always elicits laugher.

Favourite Film: Kishore Kumar’s Half Ticket, Mehmood’s Bombay to Goa and Chichi mama’s (Govinda) Deewana Mastana.
Funniest person: Akshay Kumar and Boman Irani. I simply loved Boman’s gay act in Dostana Laughter is: The best medicine to keep all the stress away.

Kiku Sharda

To be a comedian: One needs to look at the funny side of things in life.

Toughest part of comedy: It is definitely when the joke falls flat. Out of 15 jokes, ten may not work.

My best Joke: All the one liners of my character Palak in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Favourite film: Andaz Apna Apna

Funniest person: Kapil Sharma

Laughter is: Contagious. Don’t run away from it. Let it spread.

Suresh Menon

To be a comedian: One has to be a keen observer to find humour in everything.

Toughest part of comedy: This generally happens when the act is over. People come up to me and compliment me and at the end of it address me as Cyrus or Roshan Abbas or Sajid Khan. They had mistaken me for these gentlemen all along, you see (laughs).

My best joke: It’s my punchline ‘Kamla Ka Hamla’.

Favourite film: Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy films are classics. Also films of Mehmood and Ben Stiller. I also liked Amol Palekar’s Golmaal and the recently released Grand Masti.

Funniest person: Johny Lever, Kapil Sharma. Vir Das.

Laughter is: That bodily activity which takes your stress away and keeps you healthy.

Raju Shrivastav

To be a comedian: He has to be a complete natural while cracking jokes. Also, he has to be friendly with the working class like the watchman, liftman and milkman to get a slice of life. Most of my inspirations are from them.

Toughest part of comedy: To come up with new concepts everyday. For me, the challenge is bigger because I have the image of not cracking jokes that have double meaning innuendos or is below the belt.

My best joke: Kiran Bedi will not join the Aam Aadmi Party because it is only for aadmi (man). Unke liye Aam Aurat party banana padega.

Favourite film: Chupke Chupke, Padosan, Chalte Chalte and Angoor

Funniest person: The late Mehmood and Kishore Kumar. I alsolike Johnny Lever.

Laughter is: Good for health.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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