Islamabad: President Asif Ali Zardari has said that he is completely alright and will return to Pakistan soon.

A television anchor who spoke to him quoted the president as saying that many of his enemies do not want him to return to his country.

'They think that I have fled but escape is not an option. I will never leave as I was born in Pakistan and I will die in Pakistan. Inshallah, I will return in a few days and my enemies will be disappointed,' television anchor Hamid Mir quoted Zardari as saying. 

Zardari, who left Pakistan on Tuesday after suffering a stroke that caused bleeding in the brain and facial paralysis, will continue to be in Dubai for over two weeks and may even go to London for further treatment, media reports have said.

Zardari abruptly left for Dubai on Tuesday, triggering speculation about his health. There were also rumours of a military coup, which the US scotched Thursday.

Hamid Mir said that he had spoken with Zardari on Friday morning and the president told him that speculations about his health were baseless.

He also said the president also spoke about the situation in Pakistan.

Hamid Mir said Zardari told him he is alright and he had some problem and underwent check-up but now the tests are clear and he will return to Pakistan in a few days.

The doctors have advised the president rest, Hamid Mir added.

Hamid said, the president remarked that perhaps many of his enemies do not want him to return to his country.