Himesh has teamed up with Punjabi rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh for this murder mystery. The film will also see couple of new actors including the leading ladies Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut. Besides, the film also star national award winning actor Irrfan Khan in a special appearance in the movie.  

In a candid chat with Jagran Post, Himesh opens up more about this murder mystery, his inner side, future projects and lot more.

Q. With ‘The Xpose’, you are back again on the big screen after around two years. Tell us more about the movie.

Ans. ‘The Xpose’ portrays the darker side of the Hindi film industry. The story revolves around a murder mystery set in the film industry of 60s. A sudden death takes place at a five star hotel right after a glitzy award function. Almost every character in the movie has been inspired by yesteryear Bollywood actors. If we see the 60s of Indian cinema, there was a conservative atmosphere in industry. But leading ladies like Zeenat Aman and Praveen Babi came forward in bold avatar changed the whole scenario.

Q. You are playing the character of Ravi Kumar in the movie. Tell us something about your role.

Ans. Ravi is a former cop who turns to a charismatic and enigmatic star by some turn of fate. My character is inspired by yesteryear actor Rajkumar.

Q. Yo Yo Honey Singh is doing his acting debut with ‘The Xpose’. How did the Himesh-Honey casting happen?

Ans. Honey is playing a very strong character named Kenny Damania, better known as KD, who has style, grey shades and a brilliant voice. Honey was a superstar in negative role. When we were discussing about the character, Honey was the first person who strikes my mind. I approached him and he accepted the role.

Q. You've worked with Director Ananth Mahadevan many times. How was it working with national award winning director like him?

Ans. Working with Ananth was really incredible. He is a smart director. He has worked religiously on our characters.

Q. You have given over 600 songs, of which many have become major hits and were of course trend setters.  In your long career, you have worked with singers of almost all ages. Who were your favourites?

Ans. Yes, I am fortunate to have the opportunity of working with some of the refined singers. Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik are some of my personal favourites. In recent times, Arijit, Shreya Ghosal, Palak, Ankit are incredibly good.

Q. What sort of roles suit Himesh?

Ans. I would love to do different roles. The only thing that matters is I should justify my character completely. Besides, giving complete dedication to the character, in terms of time, is equally important.  

Q. What’s your take on doing negative roles? Can we expect Himesh in villainous and dark shade roles in future?  

Ans. Oh…why not? You never know what opportunity comes your way. I am really happy to see Honey accepting the negative role in his first movie. I will definitely go for such roles if offered.

Q. How was your experience working with Irfan Khan? Is he a difficult person to work with?

Ans. No…not at all. It was a learning experience to work with Irfan.  He is doing a special appearance. He plays the character of Adil Hussain, a black marketer.

Q. We have heard that Irfan was upset as his cameo is played for publicity.

Ans. These were only rumours. We have never used his image for the film’s fake publicity. Out of the nine film posters, only one carried his picture. And that was quite obvious as he was in film, even though for a shorter span.

Q. Which Bollywood actress would you like to work with in future? We have heard about Deepika Padukone saying she would do it if offered. Please tell us something about it.

Ans. I don't know whether she would do a film with me. She has done her debut with one of my video albums. Yes, she once has said this on record that she would do it if any interesting script comes out. I'd love to work with her.

Q. Himesh, singing seems to be in your blood. Your father is a veteran music composer. What have you taken most from your father?

Ans. My father has been the backbone of my success. He has been an innovator in his own field. He introduced electronic instruments in the film industry. Besides the basic music form, he taught me being daring and experimental.

Q. Yes, your career graph shows you have been experimental throughout. You are a successful music composer. You have given voice to many commercial hits. Besides, you have also tried on acting. Which suited you much-composer, singer or actor?

Ans. I am foremost a composer and acting is my passion.

Q. Himesh, you have preponed the release of ‘The Xpose’. Now, it is going to release on May 16, the election counting day. Don’t you think this will hurt the film’s opening, especially when the IPL is on?

Ans. Our distributors and marketing team have done a proper research and then the release date was finalized. ‘May 16’ is a better date because there is only one IPL match that weekend. Besides, there is no other release. The audience will definitely come up to appreciate our work.  

Q. The new benchmark of judging the performance of a Bollywood film, is the famous '100 crore club'. How much you agree to this trend?

Ans. Yes, ‘100 crore club’ has become a trend now and this is important in order to match with the pace of others. But at end of the day, it is the quality and content of the film that matter.

Sonakshi Kishore/JPN

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