London: Singer George Michael says he is lucky that he survived pneumonia after a battle with the disease for three weeks.
The former 'Wham!' star sparked fears for his health after falling ill in Austria in November. The singer was also forced to axe the remaining dates on his trek to receive emergency treatment at a hospital in Vienna.
"Merry Christmas everyone. I feel amazing. I mean, I am very weak but I feel amazing. I got streptococco-something. It's a form of pneumonia and they spent three weeks keeping me alive, basically.”
"It was basically by far the worst month of my life, but I'm incredibly, incredibly fortunate to be here. So I have to believe that somebody thinks I've still got some work to do here," he said.
Asked what had kept him going during his ordeal, he said, "My family. I have an amazing, amazing life. If I wasn't spiritual enough before the last four-to-five weeks then I certainly am now.”
"I'd say (it was) touch-and-go for a couple of weeks. I played it down. I didn't want to worry my fans too much, and I'm really sorry that I couldn't contact them before now, but I was in no state to."
Michael, 48, guaranteed fans that he will re-schedule all the dates he axed, and he's also planning to arrange an extra gig for "all the doctors in Austria who saved my life".