Dharamsala: Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on Saturday said India is the only example where more than 100 crore people of various religions are living in harmony.

"I am the active messenger of India and keep on promoting Indian treasure of compassion, truth and honesty throughout the world. India is the generator of non-violence and peace," he said.

The Nobel Peace laureate said, "every where I have said that India is the only living example of several religion, where more than 100 crore people live in harmony."

He also termed Dharamsala as his "mother land".

While welcoming spiritual guru Morari Bapu he said,     "As I spent a major portion of my life in Dharamsala, I consider it as my 'Matri Bhumi' (mother land)."

The Lama was speaking on the opening day of the 9-day Ram Katha at Police Ground on Saturday.

Lama said to Morari Bapu, "I am happy that you didn't confine yourself to the temples and came out to teach people the lesson of truth and honesty."

It is now the time that the religious leaders of India should guide the countrymen to keep them away from corruption and injustice.

Dalai Lama said that though the money is important for life, but without peace it too can't help.


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