Mumbai: Model turned actor Arjun Rampal prefers to bill himself as a normal guy and neither a macho man nor metrosexual. "Neither am I metrosexual nor a macho. I am normal human being”, Arjun said.

“A metrosexual is not a gay. I don't wear nail paint, etc”. Arjun said at Nivea event in Mumbai. The actor was voted as most desirable man and also the face of Nivea, feels that being desirable or sought-after is just a perception.

Arjun said that he did not believe in promoting whitening of skin as it sounds racist. "I don't take such titles seriously. It feels good when your fans vote for you. My friends make fun of me and touch me," he chuckled.

"I endorse product that I use. I think everybody should be fashionable, there is nothing wrong in it. I think one must wear what they are comfortable with and not follow others," he said.

Arjun will be seen in Nikhil Advani's upcoming spy thriller 'D-Day'. He mentioned he’s very happy with the reaction he’s getting for D-Day and aren’t glorifying anything in the film.


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