“Politicians have the habit of making promises during poll campaigns and forgetting them. But I am not a politician but your sevak,” Modi said.

“We unlike congress do not make fake promises. That is why I have come back to remind you of the promises I had made to you,” he added.

“Congress leaders  promised of completing work on the Manmad-Indore rail line but not a single inch of track was laid,” he said.

Tapping the weak nerve in an apparent dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Modi said, “I don't need to take pictures with poor people, I grew up with them. Have come from amidst you, that's why my Government wants to work for poor people.”

“We never make promises to win elections. We make promises to transform lives of needy,” he added.

Taking a jibe at Congress Modi said, “The Congress promised a lot but did nothing, it ruled on all levels in the nation from panchayats to Parliament for sixty year. But never made themselves accountable, when 60 months of "our regime will be complete, I will give account of every moment and every paisa. We made promises for development and we will keep them..”

“Your reputation is ours. We don't make false promises like Congress,” he added.

Seeking a clear mandate Modi said that by voting out Congress this year in the coming polls, Maharashtra will attain freedom from the 15 year old Congress rule which took a toll on the state.

/>“Maharashtra will celebrate 'Mukti Divas' from October 15, as it will get  rid of the Congress and move towards development,” he added.

"The Congress-NCP government destroyed an entire generation in Maharashtra in the last decade. No jobs to youth and no security to women, these are their deeds. Farmers committed suicide, despite their (Congress-NCP) being in power in the state and at the Centre," he said

He Further said, “That the Congress took away people's dream from them, farmers of the state started committing suicide.”

“Corruption happened in irrigation sector, farmers were supposed to get water but did not. Where as the politicians filled their pockets.”

“Wait for October 15 (the polling day in Maharashtra). As soon as BJP government comes to power, we will rectify the damage done to cotton and onion growers due to the wrong policies of the erstwhile Congress and NCP government," he added.

Dismissing Opposition charges, Narendra Modi ruled out splitting of Maharashtra and separating Mumbai from the state.

"The Congress leaders have been spreading lies on cotton and onion for the last 10 years. They have started spreading a new lie. They say Maharashtra will be split. Has anyone been born in this country who can divide the land of Shivaji?" he said addressing a rally in the predominantly Tribal Dhule district.

"I assure you that as long as I am in Delhi, no power in the world can split Maharashtra and also separate Mumbai from Maharashtra," he said.

The Prime Minister's remarks came against the backdrop of MNS chief Raj Thackeray reportedly accusing Modi of having a "hidden agenda" to split Mumbai from Maharashtra.

The Prime Minister said that Maharashtra is the state that has the capability to drive India's growth and Mumbai is central to that.


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