Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut likes to live life kingsize. At 24, the young lady has a plush flat, a luxury car, an enviable wardrobe and many more. But Kangana admits that she's not at all wise with her moolah, and spends without thinking about tomorrow. Mid-day gets into a fiscal chat with the lady, who's gearing up for a hectic year ahead:

The young and the reckless

Well, there are a number of positives to being young and rich. I might sound rude but I feel at some level, there's no point in being really rich after 40 or 50. For starters, age catches up with you by then; you lose your youth and energy. So, even if you wear the most expensive of outfits or scintillating diamond jewellery, it doesn't look that great on you. You simply don't have the stamina to party hard (laughs). Moreover, when you reach that stage of your life, you have become very wise about your money. So, you think a zillion times before spending. I can safely say that I spend without thinking about tomorrow.

Living in the lap of luxury

I am a spendthrift. Shopping and dining are two of my favourite indulgences. I do most of my shopping in Paris, which really burns a hole in my pocket. Sometimes, when I am abroad, I go clubbing all night. But I am not much of a drinking and dancing person. My idea of a perfect evening is a seven-course meal complete with caviar, fine wine and interesting conversations. At times, I just pack my bags and head off to a random place in the world, exploring it on my own.

Ms Richie Rich

Frankly, I am not at all wise with money. I don't value it too much. This might be because I was born in a well-to-do family. While my parents are pretty disciplined about finances, my grandfather really spoilt us. He lavished all his pension money on us, giving us hundred bucks to spend every day. So, I have never craved for money. Then, since I started working at 17, money was never a problem. Touch wood.

Taking note

I don't have much idea about investments, bank accounts or property dealings. My dad keeps telling me to save and save, but I don't think that it's so important to be cautious at such a young age (laughs). But I do take my parents advice at times in some matters. You can't totally escape your parents' influence if you live together (laughs). On a serious note, I am thankful for the sense of independence that money has given me. I can live life on my own terms, and enjoy it to the fullest.