New York: Black Swan actress Mila Kunis says she is not good at being sexy, but puts her best efforts into intimate scenes.

The 28-year-old actress doesn't see herself as a sex symbol but says she tries her best to make intimate scenes convincing.

"I'm not good at sexy. But there are so many women on the big screen who are so false you just don't buy it. There's nothing about them that you believe. It feels so put on. You can feel them mugging for the camera... so I know I don't want to do that," said the actress.

Kunis says her upbringing in a poor family helps her keep grounded. "I've been doing this (acting) since I was nine. It didn't happen overnight, so I like to think I'm not in a bubble. I live a very normal life."

“My two best friends: one's a dentist, one's a teacher. We talk every single day. They're not in this industry, we all grew up poor, we all fully understand the value of a dollar," she said.