If everything goes as per the plan, the Prime Minister will talk live with the public soon in set intervals through radio.

‘I am Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaking’ is one catchphrase that the people of the country may listen soon.  Recently only, the government has asked for suggestions from the public over this on its website (mygov.nic.in).

An advertisement released from the PMO has urged people to send their suggestions over Prime Minister’s message on radio. People can send their suggestions and recommendations on the government’s website.

Before the launch of programme, Modi wants to know about the issues upon which the public would like him to talk about and in how much interval would they like to interact with him.

The public responses so far clearly suggest that they are keen to intermingle with the PM. As per the initial suggestion, people would like to chew the fat with him directly once in a span of three months. However, the concerned authorities are still waiting for more and adequate responses to come up to a concrete conclusion.

It is expected that the PM can have a direct interaction with the public in one to three months. It will be Modi’s first ever message to the common people on radio.

Earlier, Modi held a direct interaction session with millions of students across the country on Teachers’ Day.

Modi also addressed the public on Independence Day from the rampart of Red Fort but the date of his address to the public through radio is still vague. However, one thing is prearranged that the entire interaction process would be subject-specific.

The subject of the interaction can vary from any topic of the current affairs to the challenges being faced by the nation or any theme that affects the day-to-day lives of Indians.

The blueprint of interactive session hasn’t been decided yet but one thing is for sure that it would not be presented as an address to the country. It would be an open discussion between the PM and the public.

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