The 73-year-old actor was speaking at the Hepatitis B Awareness Drive, launched by the Ministry of Health in association with UNICEF.

Bachchan revealed that he is a survivor of Hepatitis B, which he contracted as a consequence of his famous accident on the sets of 1983 film 'Coolie.'

"When I was in hospital, there were about 200 donors, whose blood was used... One of the donors was carrying hepatitis B virus which entered my system. In 2000, 18 years after that event, we discovered I was infected and I had lost 75 per cent of my liver... I am a person, who is surviving only on 25 per cent of his liver," he said.

When asked if he would be willing to star in a film which would spread awareness on the disease, Bachchan said, "Cinema is an entertainment medium. I wouldn't mind doing a documentary.

"You pay 2,000 rupees to watch a film in a multiplex, you don't want to see hepatitis B or tuberculosis. It can be a part of the story, which has been very interestingly done in most of our stories."

Bachchan also stressed that Bollywood films never stigmatise any person suffering from a disease.

"We have never tried to say that 'Oh just because she is suffering from hepatitis you're not going to get married.' I think we have never ever stressed that point," he said.


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