'Phantom', an action-thriller on the aftermath of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, has been banned in Pakistan much before its release due to its controversial subject.
"Kabir's experience as a documentary filmmaker and working in conflict zones, travelling to different areas like Pakistan and Afghanistan enables him to come up with a perfect setting.
"Whether it was 9/11 in 'New York' or the strained Indo-Pak relation in 'Ek Tha Tiger'. To do that you need to be well informed, which he is because of his experience. So when he told me about the film, I immediately asked him 'Are you sure it is safe to make the film?' He said yes, and then explained more about the film," Kaif said.

The 32-year-old 'Bang Bang' actress said Kabir brings a certain grounding on the table which makes his films, especially "Phantom", credible and relevant.
"He likes to give his films a certain grounding and likes to see them as 'Why not'. When you have such relevant topics in the world today, and which are so dramatic, why would you not use it as a backdrop for your film?."
'Phantom' is based on Hussain Zaidi's book 'Mumbai Avengers' and stars Saif Ali Khan opposite Katrina. The actress, however, said the film will be slightly different from the book.
"In the book there are five main characters, but in the movie we kind of combined them into two. That's the primary difference. This is way it is easier to follow. Otherwise there would have been chances of losing the track.
"The film is based on facts but the screenplay and the outcome is fictional. The film says 'A story you wish were true' but after you see the film, audience will say this is a story which could be true. Had there been any loopholes in the script or things were too convenient, it wouldn't have interested me," she said.    

'Phantom' releases this Friday.


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