New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan is regarded as a ‘demigod of films’ in India. Almost all his films are blockbusters at the box office. A cinematic leviathan, he is one man who has been showered with awards as an actor, producer, host, advertising star and what not. By making it big on the big screen, SRK has proved that a small-time TV serial actor can also have (leave) his impression on the silver screen.

In a direct face to face chat with Ajay Brahmatmaj, the ‘King of Bollywood’ talks about his films, future projects, controversies and a lot more.


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Q. Shah Rukh Khan is one word, it is a sentence in itself as well. Your association with the entertainment industry is like an era. But don’t you think you have limited your appeal to metros and overseas?

Ans. Well, it’s purely a matter of choice and taste. I don’t know about others but I do films that suit my personality, thinking and moreover my comfort. It’s not like I have limited myself to any genre. I have done action films, negative roles in the early phase of my career. With time and experience, an actor comes at a stage where he can choose different roles. This is the time, when we often go for the roles that describe our inner self. And as far as my audience is concerned, till date, I have not been able to figure out who my audience is and where my films work.

Q. Then what sort of roles does SRK love to take up?

Ans. I go for roles where I think I can fit it. I can work for formula films which have mass appeal and can fetch good business, but I prefer myself in decent, cultured and high class roles. I still remember when Madhuri Dixit asked me to do ‘Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam.’ I have heard it has done good business in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. See if I would have known the formula, I would have adopted these in my future films too.

Q. If we talk about your films, you have limited yourself to a few directors. Why such limitations?

Ans. I have been working in the film industry for 22 years and we have become a family. We have special bonding with each other as happens in a family. I work with only them who I am comfortable with. I have worked with Karan Johar, Aditya Chopra and also with Farah Khan. We have a great chemistry. I take up two to three projects a year and so I don’t find it necessary to go outside.

Q. What’s on your mind when you take up any project for Red Chillies?

Ans. See till now I think, feel and choose projects as an actor. My inner actor never allows me to think like a producer. As I have earlier said, films are my passion and not business, I take up projects which I relate to, irrespective of the project’s budget.

Q. Will we see Shah Rukh working with new age directors like Anurag Kashyap and Tigmanshu Dhulia?

Ans. Yes, why not? We have been friends from our days in Delhi. Kashyap has been pressing me to work in his films. Hopefully, we will work together if something good comes my way. And I have already worked with Tishu (Tigmanshu) in Dil Se. The film is very close to my heart. I have many offers from other directors, will probably take up some of them. You must have heard that I was working with Vishal Bharadwaj in Two States. But Vishal was looking for a younger actor for the role, so I left.


Ajay Brahmatmaj/JPN

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