Mumbai: Deepika Padukone who features on Simi Selects India's Most Desirable this Sunday was initially coy when asked about Sidhartha Mallya.

But after a few minutes into the show, the actress said, "I have known Sidhartha from my Bangalore days. He is charming and intelligent."

She added, "The best part about him is that he is very inconsequential to the Mallya. And one thing I would like to change about him is his excessive energy."


Simi Garewal's 'Kiki' act on the chat show is reserved only for her male guests. The first episode with Ranbir Kapoor had her become Kiki, the star's imaginary girlfriend and how the actor handles the situations created by his woman! Thank goodness, wonder what she would have called herself if she had become a boyfriend of her female guests -- Kuku perhaps?