New Delhi: Veteran Congress leader N D Tiwari, facing paternity suit of a man claiming to be his biological son, on Thursday filed a 'personal affidavit' before the Delhi High Court saying no person can be compelled to give blood samples for DNA test against his will.

"At this age of mine and unblemished public record for approximately 70 years to this nation I rely on Supreme Court judgments and feel protected against any compulsion for the DNA test," 87-year-old Tiwari said in his affidavit.

The Congress leader has cited various Apex Court judgments to justify his stand of not giving blood samples for the DNA test.

Tiwari was on July 11 asked by the High Court to file a 'personal affidavit' explaining his refusal to undergo DNA test and undertaking that that he was "voluntarily" refusing to undergo DNA test. The court had said it would not allow him to take a ground at a later stage that his response was based on "legal advice".

Justice Mittal had also issued a notice to Tiwari on an application of 31-year-old Shekhar seeking prosecution of Tiwari for "contempt" due to his failure to deposit a cost of Rs 75,000 imposed on him on December 23 last year.

Tiwari's plea that he was a freedom fighter and has served the nation for last 70 years and hence be not forced to give his blood sample also came under court's criticism.

"The fact that you were a freedom fighter does not give you (Tiwari) a license to flout the court orders like this," the court had said.