New York (Agencies): She has three children with football heartthrob David Beckham and is expecting her fourth but former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham says that she has no plans to outdo Hollywood star Angelina Jolie with her brood.

Jolie famously has six children with partner Brad Pitt and though Victoria wants a big family, she does not want one as big as the actress', reported New York Post online.

The fashion designer, who is mother to three boys, hopes to keep having more kids until she has a girl.

"If I don't have a girl this time, then maybe I'll be lucky enough and have a girl the next time," she said.

Asked if there could be a fifth baby, she answered, "There could be. Who knows?"

But she has no plans to go beyond that.

"A sixth? Well, I'm not Angelina. I don't know. I mean, come on," said Victoria.