Mumbai: After being crowned as “Miss SriLanka in 2006”, Jacqueline came to India for a modeling assignment in 2007. But destiny had planned something great for the sexy lass.  Not only was she launched opposite Ritesh Deshmukh in “Alladin” but she also shared screen with legend Amitabh Bachchan.

After this she never looked back. She showed her acting skill in movies like “Jane kahan se ayi hain,” “Housefull “with big names of this glamour industry. 

Famous  directors like Sajid Khan and Mahesh Bhatt are also planning to star this Sri Lankan beauty in their next projects “Housefull 2” and “Murder 2” respectively.

Jacqueline in an exclusive chat with “Sakhi” shares her experiences and memories of her wonderful journey from Sri Lanka to Mumbai.

When did you decide to work in Bollywood as an actress?

I wanted to be an actress since I was a small girl. I spent my childhood in Bahrain. My family moved to Sri-Lanka in 2002 where I joined a television channel. My real jouney towards fullfiling my dream started when I won the “Miss Sri-Lanka “title. Then I came to Mumbai and was doing modeling assignments. One fine day my agent took me for the audition of “Alladin”. As I don’t know Hindi, I gave my audition in English.

My father L.Roy Fernandes used to watch Hindi movies a lot. But I was not so much intersected in watching Bollywood movies. If I knew that one day I would be a part of this film industry, I would have watched them. In Sri-Lanka, there was little scope to follow my dream so I moved to Mumbai.

Will you stay in Mumbai in future?

When I was modeling in Sri-Lanka a lot of people warned me not to come to Mumbai because there is a notion that Bollywood industry is not safe for girls. But I had to come here to achieve my dream as film industry in Sri Lanka is not that big. Thankfully I have not faced any casting couch so far.

What was the reaction of your parents when you told them  you want to come to Mumbai alone to be an actress?

Yes, it’s true that my parents were shocked when I told them about my decision of joining Bollywood because I didn’t know Hindi at that time. They were wondered thinking that how shall I manage to act in Hindi films without knowing the language. But my parents have shown full faith in me so far.

What sweet memories are associated with your childhood?

We are four siblings, my brothers Loyen and Rayan and my sister Jardaleen.  As a kid, I was very talkative and had a tomboyish attitude. One day my mother saw me jumping from the third floor of our building with my brothers. She was infuriated and locked me in a room. I had to promise her that I would never do that again and only then was I let free. Being the youngest I was pampered by everyone. I was good in studies also. French and English were my favorite subjects.  Sports too interested me and I used to love to go for tracking with my brothers.

You are always compared with Katrina Kaif, what is your view regarding this?

Katrina has been a part of this industry since a long time. She has put in a great deal of efforts to achieve the number one position.  I am just three years old in Hindi film industry. I have to learn a lot because this is just the beginning. But I can say that my Bollywood journey has been smooth till now.

You are giving tough competition to top heroines of Bollywood. What is your view?

I always believe in competing with myself. Katrina, Priyanka and others have achieved  their position in this industry with hard work. I have some special traits in my characteristics for which people like me.  One day I will obviously make my own identity in this industry.

It is said that you do a lot of social work. Is it true?

I am working for an NGO, “Habitat For Humanity”. I am the brand ambassador of Sri Lanka. I have adopted three girls who lost everything in Tsunami.

Are you in a relationship with Ritesh Deshmukh?

Stories of link ups are part and parcel of this industry.
When I came to Bollywood I knew that rumours of link ups would soon follow me. Now being a celebrity I know how to handle it.

What kind of movie do you like?

Personally I like to watch serious kind of movies which have a practical approach. Movies based on true stories also strike me.

Are you fashion conscious?

I like to be presentable always in terms of clothes and make up. I don’t like put on lot of makeup. I am also very choosy about the jewelries I wear.

Some people think that whatever you have achieved is only because of your luck and not for your hard work?

Getting my first film was really a matter of luck. But after that I gave auditions, also learnt Hindi to grab roles. I feel really happy to be loved and admired by people. I want to be a top heroine of Bollywood.

What is your ultimate goal?

I want to see myself as a top actress of this industry. I want to make my country and my family proud of me.  I have something special in my personality .Like Katrina; I also want to hold an admirable position in Bollywood.