Mumbai: TV actress Aamna Sharif, who enthralled the audience as Kashish, says being romantic to the core in her real life, she would go on her knees to propose the one she loves. Aamna, who made her small screen debut in 2003 with Ekta Kapoor`s popular show `Kahiin To Hoga`, is now back with yet another romantic show `Honge Juda Na Hum`.

"In real life I must say that I am very romantic. I would do anything for the one I love. Well, right now I am waiting for my Mr right to come. When he comes in my life I could go on my knees and even propose to him if I am in love with him," Aamna told reporters.

I am very romantic: Aamna

"I am a die-hard romantic person by heart. I think I would be more romantic than the guy," the 30-year-old said. `Honge Juda Na Hum` is a love story of Rohan and Muskaan, being portrayed by Aamna and Raqeush Vashisth, who was last seen in `Maryaada`. The show will be aired on Sony Entertainment Channel from Tuesday at 9 PM.

"The love that I got from my previous show `Kahin To Hoga` was because it was a love story. I think people like me in romantic genre. I think it is good decision to comeback with this genre," Aamna said.
"I did not want to do something that is going on TV these days. I wanted to do something different. When I heard this script I fell in love with it. It is a beautiful romantic story but it is different, it is contemporary," Aamna said.

"I think people dream of romance, they go into Yash Chopra feel. I think romance is something that works anytime," the actress said.

Even though the basic premise of both her TV shows -`Kahiin To Hoga` and `Honge Juda Na Hum` is romance, Aamna says the characters are very different from each other.

"My character called Muskan in `Honge Juda Na Hum` is different from the role of Kashish that I played in `Kahiin To Hoga`. In my first show the character (Kashish) was mature while this character (Muskan) is of my age. It was easy for me to play this character. I could relate to the character of Muskan," she said.
On TV getting bolder these days, Aamna said she was not that comfortable in doing intimate scenes.

"I am not very comfortable. I draw line somewhere, it is like what is required for the show I may do it but as long as I am comfortable with it. Then it is ok. But I won`t do something that I am not comfortable with as it would show on screen," Aamna said.