Manish said that in his upcoming film, 'Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive', he has taken care not to go overboard while doing comedy.
"I don't get offended. If you are entertaining then you need to have an open mind. You should be relaxed. We do take care. Just because we are doing a satirical comedy we cannot insult a person because our intention is not to demean someone. We have kept those things in mind," Manish said in an interview.
The 'Mickey Virus' actor feels it is in the hands of the artist to draw a line while doing an act and said he tries to filter his comedy.
"Yes absolutely. It's in our hands also but there are times when you say a thing and people unnecessarily react to that. Basically writers write for us and it's on us whether to filter that or just say it," he said.
"I try to filter what I say. I try and use my humour, rather than degrading somebody, I crack jokes on myself... I don't think I've ever used a humorous language which is below the belt and has offended anybody. I try and control my humour," he said.

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