London: "Pirates of the Caribbean" lead Keira Knightley says she often cries over criticisms that are said or written about her. The 26-year-old actress admits there have been "many occasions when I just sit on the bathroom floor and burst into tears", reported a leading daily.

The actress blames her job for her moods saying she has to be emotionally available and often finds it lonely.

"I just sit on the bathroom floor and burst into tears. Then there are other days when you go, OK, it just doesn't matter. That's fine. I think it depends on the day of the week really," Knightley said.

The actress, who is dating Klaxons rocker James Righton'said that her decade in the limelight has been turbulent.

 "I've had some extraordinary experiences, not all of them happy and quite a lot lonely. I am crap at parties. I tend to sit in the corner or I'll go on the dance floor and get quite drunk."