New Delhi: Shah Rukh Khan, popular as the king of Bollywood, has revealed that he does not bargain over money with his directors and producers for the filmy projects he undertakes. Rather he counts on the award shows, high profile marriages where he is invited to shake a leg and advertisements to make his ways.

Ajay Brahmatmaj, senior journalist of Dainik Jagran, tries to discover more straight from the horse’s mouth.

Q. We have heard that you don’t take money for your film projects.

Ans. Yes this is the truth. I don’t take money for films as it is my passion and not business. I still remember what Deven Verma has once told me. Once we were having a good time together, he told me, “Take up a project in your life time just for your shake, just because your heart allows it.”

Q.  If that is the case then how do you manage your livelihood?

Ans. I dance at award shows and high profile marriages and do advertisements to mend my ways.

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Q. But this has earned you severe criticism?

Ans. I simply don’t bother over such worthless criticisms. I feel my heart is clean and soul is pure as I have not done my films as part of my profession. They have emotional connection. It’s my passion. I never compromise with my films. Whatever project I take up I do it sincerely without pondering over how many crores it will fetch me. See, it’s not that my directors and producers don’t offer me money. They do. But I never bargain with them. Whatever they give me I take. This is why they love me.

Q. It’s like an era since you have been in the film industry. Any regrets?

Ans. Well…may be two or three. Everyone has regrets in life. But the best part is that my work and my busy schedule never allow me to think over regrets.

Q. You have done ad for an alcohol brand. Don’t you think that an actor like you, who is the role model for many, should shun such endorsements?

Ans.  Well, if alcohol is legal then why not. Newspapers, media do endorse it then why not me. After all morality is not only my responsibility.  I have never endorsed drugs, cigarettes. Producers pay us for doing such endorsements.

(To be continued...)

Ajay Brahmatmaj/JPN

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