Here is what Yuvraj revealed on the show:

Yuvraj Singh who is a star cricketer now once hated cricket. He had been a skating champion in the under-14 division and had won Gold.

“I didn’t enjoy playing cricket as a kid. I didn’t like the idea of playing any sport in the hot sun. If not a cricketer I would have today been a skater,” he said.

Yuvraj said that it was his father (former cricketer Yograj Singh) who hated skating. He considered ‘skating’ a sport for girls and urged him to play cricket instead.

When asked by Anupam that is it true that your father used to splash water on you to wake you up for cricket practice. The cricketer said, “What my father did to me is something I would hope no father does to their children.”
“But those are the reasons why I am still playing for India… he must get credit for that,” he added.

Reminiscing his childhood days and his experience with his father he said “During that time, I started to resent him and hated what he was doing to me. I always feel one shouldn’t force his/her child to do something, but let them pursue whatever they wish to do. But maybe I was destined to play the game and that’s why I went through all of that.”

When asked “Your mother (Shabnam) played a very pivotal role in your upbringing and growth as a person and a sportsman. What was her influence then?

Yuvraj said, “My mother’s contribution has been the most in my growth. She has made a lot of sacrifices to give me a good life. During that time she didn’t have much authority before my father and would often say that he would kill me if he kept going at the same rate. In return, my father would tell her not to intervene. It was bad at times....”

Talking about his anger Yuvi said, “I used to be an angry young man. I would smash the bat on the ground or break it at times. Once while playing against Australia, when I got out, I smashed and threw my bat. The next day, Sachin Tendulkar told me ‘This very bat is the source of bread in my house. Learn to respect it’. After that day, I have never thrown my bat and I learned to control my temper.”

Talking about his parent’s relationship and divorce the cricketer said I was around 15 when they got divorced. I didn’t wish to live with my father as my life had become very harsh with him. But I had to go live with him as my mother could not afford raising me by herself.”

Yuvi also shared that when he received his first cheque for playing for India, he bought a house for his mother. Since his parents were separated.

The star cricketer who hopes for a love marriage for himself also talked about his unsuccessful relationships.
When asked “When will you get married? Will it be a love or an arranged marriage?” He replied, “Well, I am hoping to have a love marriage, but I have been in love twice and both times it didn’t work out. I have learned from life that being practical is important and communication in a relationship, along with understanding, is important.”

Yuvraj said that he is not at all a romantic, rather is more of a practical person. “I had a girlfriend once who demanded that I had to tell her that I loved her at least eight-10 times every day. So I had to make a note of it on my phone... what time I would have to tell her I love her!” he said.

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