The former Army Chief had been deputed by the government to represent it at the Pakistan National Day reception at the High Commission where Kashmiri separatist leaders were also

He stayed for a brief while only. An hour later, the Minister issued a series of tweets such as

#DUTY- The force that binds one morally or legally to one's obligations.

#DUTY- A task or action that a person is bound to perform for moral or legal reasons.

#DUTY- A job or service allocated. #DISGUST- To offend the moral sense, principles, or taste of.

#DISGUST- To sicken or fill with loathing." And then later he blamed the media for "twisting" the issue with a tweet"#'Disgust'ed to see how certain sections of the media are twisting this issue.

The tweets generated a political controversy with Congress seeking his removal for his yesterday's tweets.

"If Mr#duty#Disgust is so disgusted with double standards of his government on Pakistan he should quit? Other Ministers in past refused to attend PAK EVENTS!" Congress leader Manish Tewari tweeted.

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