"I don't take stardom seriously at all. I don't behave like a star and I don't live like a star. It is how people perceive me," Salman said.
"I am wearing a t-shirt worth Rs 550, jeans which is 15 years old and shoes which are there since past 20 years, that's it. What makes people treat me as a star is the image which is transferred to me through my on-screen characters."
Salman, 49, has spent over 25 years in the film industry and is nothing less than a phenomenon for his fans, but the actor believes that the success that is often attributed to him is actually the hard work of other people.
"Thousands of people have helped me build this image. After spending so many years in the industry, I now have the liberty to select scripts, but before that I had no say. People like Sooraj Barjatya, my dad (Salim Khan) and Deepak Bahry have made me”, Salman said.
"I worked with so many directors and writers and learned what I should choose and what not. So, this is not me but the scripts I selected. The people I chose to work with are responsible for building this monster”, the actor added.
The once 'bad boy' of the industry, Salman has had one of the most talked about image shift in recent times. But, the actor, who is often put on the spot for his personal life, does not let criticism affect him.


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