Actress-comedian Sofia Vergara says she doesn't believe in the natural look and never leaves her house without getting dressed up.

The Modern Family star also said that she always advises her American friends to wear makeup.

"I'm Latin. I get glammed up no matter what. It's automatic. I shower, do hair and makeup. For me, it's like shaving. I don't believe in a natural look. Lipstick brightens your face," a website quoted Vergara as saying.

"Unless you're Gisele Bündchen or 19, you need something. Most of my girlfriends are very good with it because they're Latin, but some of the Americans, I give them lipstick like 'put it on'," she said.

The 41-year-old also admits that she is comfortable with her body and wears what suits her.

"People say, 'Oh you always wear the same type of dress on the red carpet'. Of course, I'm not 20 years old. I know exactly what looks good on me now," she added.