M Biswas, father of Mehdi Masroor Biswas, said "one reporter asked me about it last night. Then I contacted him and inquired. My son said he did not understand how it has happened. He said that his internet account is hacked. I don't believe that my son has any link with ISIS."

Asked if he knows that his son used to tweet in support of ISIS, the senior Biswas replied "I don't know. But he told me that some people came to him from Channel 4".

On whether he supported ISIS, he said "I don't know what is ISIS. There is no question of supporting it". M Biswas said "I don't know about his arrest. His phone is switched off. Now we have decided to go there."

M Biswas, who used to work for State Electricity Board, said "my son is busy with his office duty from 8.45 in the morning till night".

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