The 'Golmaal 3' actor, who shared screen space with Saif in the 2013 zombie-comedy 'Go Goa Gone', says it is a perception that when two actors meet they only discuss movies.
"Saif and I collaborated on 'Go Goa Gone' and discussed the project extensively. Other than that, people perceive us in a different way... Like when we meet we discuss films. In our case we have been in films every single day of our lives”, Kunal said.
"We don't really talk about films so much but obviously when movies are up for release you discuss what is the movie about, how happy are you with the movie. We never discuss what should I do in my career or should I do this kind of a role," Kunal added.
32-year-old Kunal married Saif's sister Soha Ali Khan earlier this year.
The actor says even though the couple was 'scared' of tying the knot, they are calmer now.
"I was very scared of getting married, both of us were, because everybody says things change after marriage so we got married at home to make sure nothing changes.
"We are more calm now. Because everybody was asking us about marriage, our families, friends, the press... So that's gone. We both are relaxed. Life is pretty much the same. We have been in a very comfortable space because we have also lived together before we got married."
Soha, 37, made a brief appearance in 'Go Goa Gone'.

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