"I do not work for awards, I work for the craft...I am okay with recognition. The reason the awards are important is because they give you a validation and encouragement to do more and also push you to do better because it gives a sense of competition," Sonam told media.

When asked if Bollywood should start an exclusive award for women to honour and recognise their work, Sonam said, "Yes of course, why not. But I think we already have enough awards in Bollywood for recognition... but I hope there are more nominations in these various awards where women are concerned."

Sonam feels things will change for the better. "I think its going to change. Once issues start cropping up, things always change. People start doing the right (thing)."

She said Bollywood is male-dominated, but is 'slowly changing', and cited an example of how difficult was it for her sister to make her debut film 'Khoobsurat'. Many producers were not willing to back the project and work with her sister, something which has changed today, she said.

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