New Delhi: Taking on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh yet again, senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley said the nation has lost confidence in the Prime Minister. Addressing the media about the agenda on the second day of the BJP national executive meet, Jaitley said that he doubted whether the government would last its full term.

The Central government has adopted an arrogant and intolerant approach.

Speaking on the 2G note row, he said that the truce between Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Home Minister P Chidambaram was farce.

UPA on 'suicidal path': Advani

Meanwhile, Senior BJP leader L K Advani asked partymen to gear up for early polls, contending that the UPA government is on a "suicidal path" and nothing could be said about its future.

"The UPA government is on a suicidal path. Never has such a situation arisen since Independence. The government is full of corruption and does not deserve to be in office... We must gear up as you never know what is in the offing," a senior BJP leader said, quoting Advani.

Advani was delivering the valedictory address to party office bearers at the BJP National Executive here.

He said the government is "dysfunctional" and the people were "fed-up" with it.

Advani, who is all set to take out a yatra for good governance and clean politics from October 11, insisted that the party would strive to create awareness among the people about corruption and price rise.

In a hard-hitting speech, Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj said people were looking up to the BJP and the party must prove its worth.

The conclave discussed the strategy for the forthcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Manipur and Punjab.

A resolution on the current political situation was passed at the two-day meet which also discussed the economic scenario in the country.

Swaraj told party cadres that elections could not be won just because the UPA is in disarray.

 "People are looking at us and we must prove ourselves," she said and asked the party workers to be prepared and reach out to people at the grassroots.

Pokhriyal, Uma Bharti attend meet

Earlier, sulking BJP leader Ramesh Pokhriyal on Saturday turned up at the party National Executive meet on its concluding day besides firebrand Hindutva leader Uma Bharti.

Pokhriyal, along with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and former Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa, was among the three prominent leaders who kept away from the conclave on Friday.

However, the former Uttarakhand Chief Minister fell in line after the Central leadership's directives and participated in the meet on Saturday.

While Pokhriyal and Yeddyurappa are unhappy over their removal due to charges of corruption against their government, Modi has kept away due to a growing rift with senior BJP leader L K Advani over the latter's proposed yatra.

Modi, who fancies himself as a contender for the post of BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, sees Advani's yatra as an attempt to throw his hat in the ring.

Uma Bharti, who returned to the BJP a few months ago and has been asked to rejuvenate the party in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, also attended the National Executive Meet.

"There is an opportunity for the party to come to power in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. We will work together to achieve this," Bharti told reporters at the Meet.

She evaded a question on who should be the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, saying corruption is the main issue. Bharti's return to the party was opposed by several top leaders both from the Centre as well as in her home state Madhya Pradesh. They fear their career prospects will be jeopardised by her presence in the BJP.

She told reporters here that her main concern was the BJP's performance in Uttar Pradesh.

"Corruption and Law and Order are the major issues in UP. We are working towards coming to power in the state," she said.

Bharti refused to comment on IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt's arrest by Gujarat police.

Sanjay Joshi, former General Secretary (Organisation) of the BJP and a known Modi detractor, was also present today. He had attended a session last evening too.

Modi is said to be unhappy with Joshi's re-induction and this is also said to be a reason for the Chief Minister keeping away from the National Executive Meet.

The two-day event will conclude on Saturday. A resolution on the current political situation in the country has been passed at the BJP meeting.

Advani will give the valedictory Address, in which he will speak on the road ahead for the BJP.