The veteran actor, too, made sure that his well-wishers were looked after. Food packets, soft drinks and umpteen number of cakes did the rounds of those waiting outside.

Sweet temptations

The actor, whose career spans over five decades, says that he will always remain young at heart. "I feel 18, not 80. I have been on the phone continuously since early morning and when not on the phone, I am hugging and shaking hands with people. I have also been on a cake-cutting spree. I had planned to cut down on sweets, but it is proving to be difficult to resist with so many pieces of cake being fed to me."

When asked about how did he ring in his birthday at midnight, he says, "At that hour, I am in my dream world."

Wrapped delights

The actor also revealed that he is looking forward to unpacking the numerous presents he has received. "I am overwhelmed by the love and affection of my near and dear ones, especially by the fan groups who have travelled all the way. I feel like a child at a birthday party considering my excitement about the number of gifts I have received. I think I will be spending the entire night unpacking them. However, something that struck me was that a few of the gifts look like bottles which contain something I have been trying to give up for years," adds the actor.

Several Bollywood folk also wished him on Twitter including his 'Sholay' (1975) co-star Amitabh Bachchan. "He put up our snapshots from our films. I was shown the images he has put up. I have an emotional connect with him though we may not meet often. He is like a brother. Unfortunately, I am not on Twitter and do not know how to go about it. I prefer to write instead. I still pen Urdu poetry."


Courtesy: mid day

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