"They like to work with me and most of the times they work out a role for me too. It has happened a lot. I have worked with a lot of directors on repeat basis. I am proud of this because it shows that they not only value you as a professional but also as a friend," Boman said.
Boman, who worked with Farah in 'Main Hoon Naa' and 'Shirin Farhad Ki To Nikal Padi', says he was probably the first actor to come on board for their upcoming film 'Happy New Year' as she offered him the part during 'MHN' success party.
"I remember I was driving for the silver jubilee party of 'Main Hoon Naa' when Farah called me. She asked me 'Boman, in my next film, I want you to do something bigger and I have got a beautiful role for you. Will you do it?' I said yes but the film did not take off at that time.
"She finalised the script of 'Happy New Year' during 'Shirin' and again asked me. So, I would like to lay claim to the fact that I was the first person cast in 'Happy New Year," he says.
And though he would not mind acting opposite Farah again after 'Shirin', Boman feels the director is at the top of her game when she is behind the camera.
"Farah surprised us all with her confidence as an actor. She, however, had a head start in directing as she is four films old. I would love to work with her as an actor but she has this wonderfully happy vision as a director that is completely planted on entertainment," he says.
Shah Rukh and Boman have worked together in 'Main Hoon Naa', 'Don' series and now in 'Happy New Year' and the actor calls SRK a team player, who remains unaffected by his stardom.
"We hit it off right from the start. Shah Rukh is very driven and I admire that quality in him. He knows that he is a superstar but not for one moment lets us feel that. To us, he makes himself out to be a part of the team. He is very open. He is a fellow actor. I have worked with many actors and this kind of inclusiveness is very rare." In 'Happy New Year', a heist-musical, also starring Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah, Boman plays the role of a safe-breaker. The movie is slated to release this Diwali.
"My character is known as magic fingers. The colony girls like him though he is a bit older. He is builder of safes so he is required to break one. He is finicky. All of them come from different backgrounds. They may not get along well but work as a single unit. It is the strength of the film," Boman says.
The actor, who has done his career's most memorable roles in Rajkumar Hirani's movies starting from Munna Bhai films to '3 Idiots', will next be seen in director's 'PK'.
"PK is an important role but the length is comparatively smaller. Raju Hirani is my dearest friend in the industry. I would do his film even if it is a passing shot and I am supposed to just stand there because this relationship is bigger than the film."

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