Los Angeles: Actress Mila Kunis, who was last seen in Oscar-nominated Black Swan is indulging in a variety of projects but says she still has to struggle to get the kind of films she wants to do.

The 28-year-old's latest romantic-comedy,Friends With Benefits, distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, will hit Indian screens Sep 9. She admits she's in a great phase in her career.

“I still have to fight for the movies I want to do, Kunis, who received a Golden Globe nomination for her work in Black Swan?, said in an e-mail interaction.

“I decided when I was 21 that this was going to be my career and that the only way I could grow personally and professionally was to work with people better and smarter than me whom I admire and respect. And I still want to learn a lot.” I consider myself to be very lucky, she added.

Kunis, also known for her work in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Max Payne, has played the role of a 20 something who is trying to figure out her life in Friends With Benefits.

Her heart has been broken multiple times, so she probably has some trust issues. I think Jamie (the character) is just figuring herself out, like most women her age today, she added.

Kunis, who was enrolled into acting classes at the age of nine, says she always finds a connect with her onscreen characters - be it the dark Lily in Black Swan or the casual and emotional Jamie in Friends With Benefits.

“There is always a pretty large chunk of me in every character that I play; which doesn’t mean that those events happen to me, but I find a way to relate to them through my own personal experiences,” she said.

“Friends With Benefits is about two friends who feel they can share a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved, but the woman ends up feeling otherwise, and falls for the man.”

Kunis is paired opposite Justin Timberlake, and says she has found a good friend in him.

“I had met him (Justin) before, although I hardly knew him; but, as we were given the opportunity to work for three months on the script, we soon became friends and got to know each other before the shoot, said Kunis, who feels it was important to strike the right camaraderie with her co-star for a movie which involved a lot of physical intimacy.”

“In a movie like this, you need to feel comfortable with your partner in crime. You want to know there is a safety net underneath you in case you make a mistake - which you will - and that there is someone there to pick you up. And, in that sense, I couldn’t have felt more comfortable than with Justin because we were in the same boat together,” she added.