The film crossed the Rs 100 crore mark in three days...

It feels pretty good, that’s all I can say. I am not a numbers and a figures guy. I think commerce is a by-product and films do well sometimes on the intent and sometimes on the execution. We were hoping we would have a film which would be wholesome for a lot of people and at the same time it should have an identity which is unique. We felt that if we went right with that, then the audience would respect and show us some numbers. These days apparently numbers are the only thing that people are talking about which I find extremely amusing. I think the desire to make a film should be the film first and then what it does is really up to the audience.

Did you feel there was pressure of breaking records of Chennai Express and Krrish 3?

I am fairly naïve about these things, so those are the things which I hear, but I am not really equipped to answer these questions. I don’t know how it becomes X number of crores. Once we were done with the film there was a certain pressure of the expectations. What I was worried about more was whatever we think is new we have tried in the film, but will people accept it? Will they like it?

The business has been good, but at the same time critics have panned it. What do you think went wrong?

I read some reviews, some of them kind, and some critical. I don’t think its unanimous panning or anything but beyond a point I also stopped reading it because a film is something, which you go to see -- it’s an experience you have for three hours. I know it’s somebody’s job to go and review a film, but if you go to judge a film or if you have already seen the film in your head then my responsibility is towards my audience. Now if you have already thought that this is how Dhoom 3 should be then I am not in the business to provide that. I can’t make a film which is in your head.

Aamir said there would be no Dhoom 4.

Who said? Aamir… no, no! I don’t think he said that. It’s too early for anyone of us to say that Dhoom 4 is happening.

Do we see you directing films outside Yash Raj Films?

Not for the moment. This is the fit I am used to. We are in sync about so many things and I don’t know how the outside world is like. So, at the moment I am stuck here for good and with a big smile. I have been associated with YRF for 10 years. When I walk in the gate, I feel I am in a cocoon which protects me. I have spent more time in YRF than I have at my home.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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