The actor, who chooses his projects carefully, is not unnerved by failures or swayed by success.

When asked you're playing scientist Shivkar Babuji Talpade in Vibhu Puri's "Hawaaizaada"? “Yes, that's the one I am shooting right now. It's a very difficult film to make. Though I play a real-life character, there isn't much material to fall back on. I am back to this very difficult film after completing Yash Raj Film's ‘Dum Lagake Haisha’. That's done,” said Ayushmann.

We did it in one 60-day schedule. It's actually very interesting that I play a very educated scientist in "Hawaaizaada" and a near-illiterate in "Dum Lagake Haisha". I play a simpleton who belongs to a shakha. It was quite simple for me to play a simpleton since I am a very simple person in real life. And I'm surrounded by very simple people. My grandfather was also a very simple person. I've used his body language.

He told he was on a vegetarian diet and was doing yoga, 'surya namaskar', etc just like the character. In the film, he gets married to an overweight woman who loves him. But he doesn’t love her back. She is educated and intelligent, he is not.

When asked about his role in "Dum Lagake Haisha"?

“I am playing a fan of Kumar Sanu and that's an idea we introduced into the film since the film is set in the 1990s when Kumar Sanu was a major force in the music charts. My character owns an audio-video shop. It's all very 1990s. So a huge nostalgia trip for all of us who were growing up back then. I was in school during the 1990s. I remember I used to sing the songs of "Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee" for my first girlfriend,” said Ayushmann.

He is also Shoojit Sircar's football film. When asked about the film Ayushmann said, “Yes that will probably start in January 2015. I also have a three-film deal with Yash Raj. So I have one more film with them to do.”

He is being very picky with his films and says “Every actor has to be picky. When I decided to do "Dum Lagake Haisha", my producer Aditya Chopra was very surprised. He never expected me to pick a role of a simpleton. Every actor wants to be projected as a star. But I loved my role. I love the character. Adi is very proud of me.”

Talking about his relations with Aditya Chopra, he said “I always like to be at the periphery. I can never be the insider. Having said that I must say my first mentor is Shoojit Sircar and Yash Raj has adopted me. It's every actor's wish list to be part of Yash Raj. I've grown up watching their films. So now I am very proud to have done two diametrically opposed film for Yash Raj, first "Bewakoofiyaan" now "Dum Lagake Haisha".

When asked were you disappointed by the box office performance of "Bewakoofiyaan"?

“You know, I don't react that much to either extreme happiness or disappointment. I remain detached from both the conditions. I am quite used to rejections in life. I auditioned for so many films and I was ultimately rejected for. I've become numb to both success and failure. I got good reviews for "Bewakoofiyaan". That was enough for me. I think failure is as important as success,” said the actor.

Speaking of his plans as a singer, Ayushmann said “I am singing two songs in "Hawaaizaada". I have done a version of Ghalib's Dil-e-nadaan in the film. You've heard many versions of the famous lines. This would be the most hummable version. I am making sure it'd be the most popular version of the lines. I am not singing in "Dum Lagake Haisha". Kumar Sanu is. I think that's awesome. Music is what sets me apart from the other actors from my generation.”


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