Karachi: Claiming that he was quoted out of context, Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi took a U-turn on his statement that Indians are not big hearted.

"Media makes a big deal of small issues. It is shameful. I have always done my bit to improve Indo-Pak ties but sometimes you say something and it is interpreted the other way. I have been quoted out of context," Afridi said.

"I have enjoyed my cricket in India and I love Indian people. Don't take my comments negatively. I have always got a lot of love and affection from Indian fans. And I request the media to play a more positive role and not waste time on such trivial issues," he told a news channel.

However, a close aide of the captain said, “Whatever Shahid said about Indo-Pak relations was after he was asked about the statement made by Gautam Gambhir that the World Cup victory is dedicated to the victims of the Mumbai terror attacks."

"Watch the show again. It is clear Shahid was speaking in general terms when he was reminded that while he had said on returning home that Pakistanis should not treat India like an enemy, Gambhir had talked politics and tried to play up anti-Pakistan sentiments," the aide said.

"That is when Afridi made the remarks about Indians not being big hearted like Pakistanis and their media being very negative about Pakistan," the aide expressed.

Afridi's aide said the all-rounder was a firm believer that sports and politics should not be mixed together. "That is why he was so upset with the reported statement of Gambhir," he added.