Rubbishing Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s claims that he (Vaidik) is an RSS man, Ramdev aide said that the grand old party is using him as a shield to attack BJP.

"I am not close to anyone or any party. I am known as the greatest opponent of the Congress," he added, after the Congress took the lead in denouncing his meeting with Saeed.

After Rahul Gandhi called Vaidik a RSS man, the noted journalist said that he would not file a defamation suit as he is an ordinary person in comparison to the Congress vice-president.

While defending himself, Vaidik further said that he met Hafiz Saeed in his personal capacity as a senior journalist. He also accused the media of distorting his statements and by taking up such false allegations.

"You can behead me if I talked about separating Kashmir from India. I don't want that. Separating Kashmir from India is the greatest foolishness. I want Kashmir to be a bridge between India and Pakistan, said Vaidik.

On the other hand, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) criticized Rahul Gandhi over his comment on Vaidik’s association with RSS.


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