Mumbai: Bipasha Basu’s latest release may not have received the best of reviews, but the film has made an impressive score at the ticket windows. Recuperating from a recent spate of ill-health, the actress says she is happy that after a long gap, her name is finally a part of a box office success.

How has your journey in Bollywood been like?

It has been challenging and also emotional. I have gone through many ups and down but I have always stood by the choices I have made. Now my life has got a new drive and I have many people to thank for it, including Vikram Bhatt.

Has success been an essential part of your career?

Yes, it is important. Especially, because of the stereotype that actresses above 30 cannot look sexy or shoulder an entire film on themselves. I have never belonged to any camp but I have proved my skills.

The critics have slammed Raaz 3.

Finally, it is the public that buys the tickets to watch a film. I have been in Bollywood for more than a decade now and I still can’t understand why people cannot encourage when someone is trying out something new.


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