"The director, script, producer, co-star and the film’s marketing plans these days influence my decision. Of the 10 films on offer, I settle for less than five, I have become choosy," Raima said.
Sounding enthused about the art house science fiction genre ‘Abby Sen’, where she represented a woman of the 80s, Raima said, "My co-actor Abir Chatterjee travels back 30 years to 1983 and meets my character, a singer by profession, who belongs to that retro-era."

"Atanu da (Atanu Ghosh) is one of those directors I would love to work with. For his film making ideas," she said.

"In ‘Abby Sen’, Atanu da had kept some English terms in my dialogue. And when I said why so many English terms and he inquired if I would be okay with Bengali synonyms all around, I said off course," Raima further told.

Raima, who was wearing cotton saree and a jute ‘jholla’ in the film, said she loved sporting that ‘80s Bengali woman look’ in the time-travel themed film about inner quest of human self.
"Not having any direct knowledge of that period, I still felt connected with the woman as in our strong values we remain the same," she said.


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