Mumbai: Actress Parineeti Chopra who started her career in the PR world, is now a known face of Bollywood. The actress has definitely come a long way. But one thing that hasn’t changed for this bubbly actress is her love for technology.

“I like gadgets more than clothes and cosmetics. In fact, you will always find me at an electronic showroom more than anywhere else while I am on a shopping spree. I got my first gadget when I was capable of using and buying it. It was a cellphone which I got after I passed my 12th grade. My parents never allowed me any gadget till then. Since then, I am glued in and informed about every new gadget and electronic equipment launched in the market. I decide and thoroughly research about every other thing that comes to my home,” Parineeti said.

Despite of being a gadget freak, Parineeti does not consider herself a social networking person.
“I am not a very social networking person. I tried being on social networking sites. It also worked for sometime but after a bit, I couldn’t continue with it. I am busy right now but whenever I get time, I would rather make calls and meet people one-on-one than sit in a corner and chat or post pictures,” Chopra said.

But the actress also says that internet and social networks are a blessing to her.

“These days, the fan base has increased so much that everyone wants to keep a tap on their favourite personality’s life and work. In this case, social networking allows keeping in touch with ten thousand people and more with just a touch,” the actress said.


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