Here are the excerpts of the interview with the dusky beauty...

Style files

I am into comfortable dressing. You will find me mostly in jeans and tees. The maximum time I have taken to dress up for a party is about two hours with hair and make-up. But when time is at a premium, I dress up in 20 minutes.

Shades of grey

It feels good to be considered a fashion icon, but I have had my share of fashion faux pas. For an awards ceremony, I wore a sequinned grey evening gown with grey sequin shoes and it looked terrible. Since that day, I swore to never match my outfit with my accessories.

Fitness mantra

When not travelling, I work out about four times a week. Right now, I am in love with kickboxing. It’s energising, great for sculpting and toning, and so much fun too. As far as beauty is concerned, I think it’s all about feeling comfortable in your skin.

Handbag essentials

Mumbai is very sunny and since I travel all day, I always carry my sunglasses. To keep my skin hydrated throughout the day, I carry a light moisturiser. The razor that I endorse is a must-have. I find waxing time-consuming and hair removal creams too messy. I never leave the house without an eyeliner as it defines my signature look. Finally, a perfume with musky fragrance completes the look.

Men matters

I find Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan stylish. Personally, I like my man clean-shaven. A good shave makes him look attractive and smell good. If he’s sporting a stubble, it looks like he has not had a bath.

Beauty tips

Many women don’t realise the importance of well-shaped eyebrows. It frames the face and enhances your features. They should also master the smokey-eyes make-up for a glamorous and sensual look.

Courtesy: Mid-day/JPN

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