After scorching the ramp with her oomph, model Nargis Fakhri showed her acting skill in Rockstar. Though this Anglo Indian beauty dons a foreign chic look, by heart she is very desi in her sensibility. In a candid chat with Delhi Desire, Nargis opens up about intricacies of her life.

What do you enjoy most, modeling or acting?

While my profession is modeling, acting happened to me by chance. But I enjoy both of them.

Modeling or acting-which one is tougher?

I find acting is tough. While a model can go outside wearing just normal jeans and T shirt, an actress has to pay proper attention on her dressing. Even being an actress you can’t go anywhere without heavy make-up.

India in your eyes…

Initially, I used to feel alone in India, now I have fallen in love with the country. I even missed India during my New York trip.

Do you find speaking Hindi tough?

No, it’s not that tough. As I am very busy in various commitments, I don’t get time to practise speaking Hindi.

What is your relationship status?

Now I am single and enjoying my life to its fullest. I don’t have any plan to settle down in coming few years. As I am Scorpion, I am outspoken and bindaas kind of person. Whenever I will date someone, everyone will get to know.

What irritates you the most?

People, who pretend to be tough and reserved, irritate me the most.

Meaning of criticism for you?

Criticism inspires me to give the best. It always works for me as motivation.

What is the secret of your flawless beauty?

My body is like a temple for me. In order to keep it healthy and beautiful, besides nutritious foods, good thought is also necessary.

Favourite food..


Favourite gadget..

Gadgets that are sleek and sexy attract me.

Your favourite sports….


Best quote..

It doesn’t matter which car you have, what matters is how much happy you are from within.